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Who doesn’t love to play video games? Times are changing rapidly now. Today even an individual adult is into gaming than normal children. The industry is also rapidly changing and providing people with lots of different games and gaming platforms to keep them entertained. One of those gaming platforms is a console platform known as Xbox 360 which is developed by Microsoft and provides all of its customers with new and exciting games to play and another gaming platform is on the Personal computer, various games are also available on the computers. Both the devices provide its customers with some really nice games which include games with some nice graphics, gameplay and sound mechanisms. but what is the main difference between those two? and why people prefer to game on the PC more than any console like Xbox?

Well for starters there are many mods, cheats and other things are available for a pc gamer which he can download via the internet and directly use them on his Pc games. But that’s not the case with Console games. Console games don’t support cheats or mods or don’t have any way to implement in that game. If you have used both the console and Pc for gaming you will exactly understand what I am talking about. But what if I told you that there is a solution for such problem? keep on reading the article for more information.

You read it right! Now you can also add mods and cheats to your console games and that too directly with a help of a storage device such as a pen drive. There is this app called Modio which is exactly made for this kind of purpose. Modio provides you with thousands of mods and cheats and also many of the games which are already saved at a certain point. So all you need to do is just use this app on your pc and then use those files on your xbox 360 and then just simply enjoy the game.

Modio Download For Windows to Modify Xbox 360 Games

I know your curiosity has reached its peak by now, So without wasting much of your time lets just dive into the main stuff. The first and foremost question first, How do I download this app? well if you are really interested in downloading modio then I recommend you to follow the instructions given below

1. Since this is a Windows supported app, You will be needing a computer with any Windows operating system on it.

2. Later on, you need to click on your web browser to open it and then go to the following app and then download the exe file of the Modio app.

Download Modio

3. Click on the download button, You will be directed to another URL where your download will start automatically. Once your download is complete you can click the file to open it.and then click on Run file option.

Install Modio For Windows
Install Modio For Windows

4. After that just click on the Next, next and then Install the app. If you don’t have .Net Framework 4.0 then doesn’t worry it will pop a window to ask you whether or not you would like to install it. Just click on Ok button to install it. Because this app requires .NET framework 4.0 to work.

Downloading .net framework
Downloading .net framework

5. You will need to wait a bit to install the Modio application.

Finalising Modio installation
Finalising Modio installation

6. Once the installation is complete you can click on the finish button to exit the setup. Now before launching the app, I would recommend you to reboot your PC first so that the registry updates are saved.

7. Once you have done that you will easily be able to open the Modio app from the desktop shortcut.

If you have followed the above instructions correctly you would have easily been able to install Modio. Now just open this app on your pc.

How to Use Modio For Windows PC?

Once you have opened this app you will have a browser like an interface. Now on the top right corner, you will see a text which will say “Click here to sign in” Click on that and then if you have already an account then you can easily sign in. Or you can opt for the second option which will allow you to sign up on the Modio. Once you have completed the sign-up procedure you will easily be able to access the news feeds and other things.

Modio UI
Modio UI

On the bottom left corner, you will see an option called games you can mod. Once you click on this option you will find different games’ mods which are available. You will also see some games which are available for the VIP members only, So to become a VIP member you will need to get a paid subscription which will basically help you provide many of the new mods and it will also help you to unlock the achievements.

Now let’s just get to the big thing Now you have access to game mods and you also have games on your console now the only steps remain as to how you can add those mods to your game and just plug it in and play on your Xbox. So now all you need to do is just follow the steps which are given below so that you can easily play the game on your console.

1. Get the SB Flash Drive for the Xbox.

2. Choose any game save which you wish to mod and then simply move it into USB

3. Now once you have done that, simply remove the USB from your Xbox and just plug it into your computer

4. Now again open the MODIO 5 and make sure that you are signed in. else the steps below won’t work.

5. Click on the option which says open game saves.

6. Now once you have done that you will find a search bar at the bottom of the window in which you have to type the name of the game and make sure you have spelt it correctly

7. Now find a file which you want to download and then just double click on it

8. Now on the bottom right corner of the window, it should say a download just pick any location in which you want to save the downloaded files

9. Now close all the new windows and go to the main window of Modio, in which you will find an option which says “Open save from device” click on that. Leave that window open

10. Find the file that you have downloaded earlier and open it. Now change the old file’s numbers with the new files numbers

11. and then on the bottom, you will find a button which says Rehash and resign make sure you click on that button.

12. Once you have done that you can now easily remove your flash drive from your pc

13. Plug that into your Xbox, Move that modded game to Xbox and start playing without any hassle.

I know the instructions are a bit too tricky which will definitely be confusing to you but you can easily do it if you follow them correctly.

Features Of Modio For Windows

Some of the main features of this Modio app are as follows

  • Modify your saved games on Xbox 360
  • It supports USB drives to move files
  • Provides you access to online database of games that are played all throughout the world.
  • Interface is easy to use and understand as well
  • Transferring files using USB drive is really simple



Modio is one of the best ways to mod your Xbox 360 games. You can easily download and use cheats in the console games without any issue. The only thing is that the procedure to mod the games is quite tricky and if you screw up you might end up losing all of your saved games, So I recommend you to keep a backup of your original saved files in case something goes wrong. Hope you found a way to download modio for Windows and use to hack Xbox 360 games, if you face any difficulties let us know.